Admission & Inquiries: +234 (0) 906 658 1932 Stay Connected:
Admission & Inquiries: +234 (0) 906 658 1932 Stay Connected:
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We are TENDERFEET International School

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Our Vision

To raise Godly and intelligent children with good morals and confidence.

Our Mission

To provide adequate education for the needed future leaders.

Our Core Values

Quality, Confidence God Fearing are our core values

12 October

Tenderfeet Spelling Bee (In-House) Competetion

Tenderfeet International School, Lagos, Nigeria

TENDERFEET international school organises spelling bee competition of world class among its pupils, to prepare them for a state, regional, national and even global competition ...

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TENDERFEET international school combine academic and non academic, but educational activities as part of the learning opportunity for pupils from different background, and who want to be engaged in different non academic, but educational career exploration.


For very young pupils at receptive stage, we teach at pupil's pace and not at school pace


We have state of the art facilities to accommodate career grade arts and music classes.


ICT integration is at the core of our professionalism and global village compliance.


Our sports facilities and arena are designed to allow appropriate physical education.